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We are proud of our long and successful history and our continuous development of our products, services and ourselves inspired by our clients and their needs.

It all began in 1970 when the IAK was founded by Christo Quiske and Stefan Skirl as first institute for creativity in Germany. Core competencies are training and consulting in creativity and leadership.

1971 With having larger groups working on creativity and leadership, the IAK attracts the press to write about them. 

1972 A major development happened for the IAK when the whole leadership team of Bayer Pharmaceuticals attends a 3-days creativity & ladership training.

1973 Daimler Benz starts „Innovative Team Management“ trained by the IAK. Ever since there has been a fruitful cooperation between IAK and Daimler Benz.

In the years between 1973 and 1978 the IAK establishes itself as most important institute for creativity in Germany. The list of clients includes almost all large companies in Germany.

1974 Publication of the first edition of the book "Denklabor Team" (later called : "Hurra ein Problem" with Deutsche Verlagsanstalt (a German publisher). The titles can be translated as "thinking lab team" and Hurrah a problem"

1975 The clients work with IAK as facilitator for their innovative challenges such as new marketing concepts, development of new products, improvement of information flow, etc.

1976-1977 The focus is now on development of communication concepts. The IAK works hand in hand with advertising agencies and their clients.

1978 First international trainings take place in the UK and in France.

1979 IAK facilitates a large conference with more than 100 participants. The topic is  the national and international implementation of new startegies.

1980 After the facilitation of idea creation workshops, the IAK now accompanies  innovation processes for customers in the detergent, glue and automobile industry.

1981 Development and pilot programs of the TETA leadership seminar.

1983 Stress management causes a new focus. Deep relaxation, meditation and  breathing techniques are becoming part of the trainings.

1985 First trainings in the USA.

1987 Publication of „Pragmatik und Ethik in der Kunst des Führens“ ("Pragmatic and Ethics in the Art of Leadership") in the IAK Team publishing house (1. Edition).

1989 Leadership Style Analysis (360 degree evaluation) and a sociometric matrix are introduced as new products.

1993 „Innovative Leadership Management“ becomes more and more attention in the market.

1994 Five large events wit topics like " The End of Hierarchies", "Head Start through Uniqueness" and "Passion for the Future" are conducted.

Publication of  „The End of Hierarchies - How to Manage Fast Moving Organizations Successfully" with the Gabler publishing house. "Pragmatic and Ethics in the Art of Leadership" has its third edition published.

1995 Publication of "Head Start through Uniqueness - new Competencies for the Company of the Future" with the Gabler publishing house.

1996 Publication of "Passion for the Future" with the Gabler publishing house.

1997 The IAK works the first time with clients on-site with more than 5 trainers over more than 6 months.

1998 IAK goes International.
In 1998 the first step into the Internationalization of the IAK is done: the foundation of IAK Switzerland.

Publication of  "Top-Management – a market study on strengths and weaknesses in German leadership departments" with the German Sparkassen publishing house.

2000 IAK celebrates their 30-year anniversary. Participants of the very first creativity seminars join the party.

2001 IAK Germany grows to 15 trainers. Own creativity techniques (Brainstomp) are developed and copyrighted.

2002 IAK goes International...
Foundaton of the IAK Italy. Clients in Switzerland and Italy can now get the TETA seminar in their home country and language.

A new seminar is developed as sign of the Internationalization: Intercultural Management.

2003 IAK expands into the USA. The IAK USA has its office in New York City.

2004  The IAK opens the door to their event factory.
Foundation of the IAK Austria. IAK has now representation in five countries.

2005 "Outside for Insights" is added as an offer in the area of cooperation. Teams and departments can now get in touch with their strengths and weaknesses within a challenging, complex, experience-oriented project simulation.

2006 The IAK reconstructs the portfolio of services into three major areas: Leadership, Cooperation and Creativity & Innovation.

2007/2008 Innovations within the IAK portfolio: "Salon d'Innovation", "Spirit of Cooperation" and "Innovation Mindset". 

2009 The IAK expands into the Netherlands. The IAK Nederland has its office in Amsterdam.

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