IAK Nederland


Wetenschap, Onderzoek & Educatie

 Munich Business School

Fairleigh Dickinson University -  Rothman Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

Martijn Guiot , psychiater -  Spaarnepraktijk.nl


Kunst, Cultuur, Event & Film

Delphis Dialog Event Marketing -  delphis-dialog.de 

 John Hudson - Actor and trainer for improvisation theater,  Shakespeare expert

 Achim Novak - Actor, author and business theater trainer

 ifs international filmschool Cologne

 Eyeworx - professional film and video production

Baxprojects - Project Management – Voice Acting

Natuur, Beweging, Ritme & Creativiteit

Art in Rhythm Percussion -  artinrhythm.com  

Beate Weil, Wellness Body, Mind & Soul

Eric Polaster - Fit for the Learning Organization, Outside for Insights