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Mastering Intercultural Challenges and the TETA Seminar

The newly designed program 'Mastering Intercultural Challenges and the TETA Seminaris a 3-day interactive combination training focusing on authentic self-leadership, the development of a global mindset and intercultural collaboration skills. 

The TETA Seminar© stimulates your self-reflection and helps to develop a global mindset. Not only by addressing differences in cultural backgrounds, communication and behavioral styles. But by creating awareness for the way you perceive the world and the world perceives you. It is exciting!

Thanks to extraordinary, practice-oriented sessions and exercises you learn different ways of looking at yourself and others. You discover new ways of acting and collaborating. You learn to engage more confidently, more effectively and more successfully with people from all over the world.

The next program takes place in Summer 2017 in Amsterdam, a melting pot of over 175 nationalities. Discover how you can say 'YES' to personal and professional challenges in a globalizing world and…. how you can master them successfully!

For more information please contact us:  info_nl(at)iak.com


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 Dealing with Adversity - from potatoes, eggs and coffee beans (author unknown)


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